Israel Plastics & Rubber Center

research & development

The IPRC provides both basic and applied research and development services for a wide range of industries. The developed materials, methods, processes and their combination cover the entire range of polymer applications.

With our diverse range of multidisciplinary engineers, with expertise ranging from polymer, biomedical, chemical, mechanical, and industrial engineering, we cover a wide range of applications and industries. All of our leading scientists have spent several years as key personnel in various industries worldwide.

We help entrepreneurs and established corporations develop innovative formulated products. By understanding the customer needs, capabilities and budget, we create conditions which ensure that the developed products and methods do not only meet the specifications determined by our clients, but can be translated from a laboratory scale production to full production conditions.

Our flexibility allows us to work under direct contract with our customers, as subcontractors for large consortia, and as partners in grant applications from various funding agencies. We escort the developed solution through all the regulatory filings and manufacturing scale-up, thus, we are able to provide a one-stop service in product and material development.


The majority of our activities are based on one of the following R&D models:

Some of our recent projects, in which our experience has shown that their success usually involves cross-discipline interactions where collaboration across multiple fields, are:

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